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Congratulations to Alie Cracknell on Reaching the 20 years of Service Mark!

Alie is an invaluable member of our team and we are happy to celebrate this achievement with her.

It is this kind of dedication that makes Ready Machinery the successful company it is today.

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Tips for Moving Machinery and Heavy Equipment

The process of planning to moving heavy equipment can be challenging because of the weight and size of the equipment. Factors to consider include logistics, manpower, and safety issues. The whole process of moving machinery and heavy equipment involves analyzing the cost, taking stock of the equipment, and hiring removal experts. An experienced mover will advise and facilitate the process. Experts can ensure everything goes as scheduled and prevent accidents. Continue Reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of Transporting Heavy Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment involves safety and legal considerations. Hire professional machinery movers every time to avoid injury and additional costs. Here are some “dos and don’ts” for transporting equipment. Continue Reading

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Safely Move Heavy Equipment with Transportation Tips

Planning and logistics are the key to safe transportation of heavy equipment in Ontario. Weighty, oversized loads present unique transportation challenges that may require multiple transportation methods to surmount. Follow these tips to safely transport heavy machinery without incident. Continue Reading

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Protect Machinery for Overseas Shipping

High-value machinery needs to be protected during overseas shipping. There are various methods to pack the shipment and withstand the rough conditions encountered during long transits. Extra measures (such as rust protection) are good options so everything arrives in good shape on the other end. The experts at Ready Machinery and Equipment can best assist so overseas shipping is no problem. Take a quick look at some of the techniques used to protect machinery for overseas travel: Continue Reading

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Dedicated Service: Congratulations Wayne Jones!

A big congratulations to Wayne Jones. He recently reached the 25 year milestone of dedicated service. He is enjoying some R & R in Cuba as our way of saying thank you for all his hard work and dedication.

Jason Cole hit the 15 year mark in December and received his cash award and an engraved crystal tower as a memento.

We are very proud of the long term relationship we have with so many of our crew here at Ready Machinery.

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Keeping it level

I’m compulsive. I like straight lines. Despite my hair, I like neat piles, piles of anything. I’ll straighten pictures in lobbies, I shovel my driveway in straight lines, I hit a golf ball straight because I swing straight. It is a compulsion that has served me well when I applied it to machinery moving. It started when I was a kid driving a truck, I needed my loads to be centered, square and tidy. As our company grew and I was no longer driving but running crews, it was natural to lay out our equipment on jobsites tidy and straight. And when I was young and learning, the organization of my jobsites gave the impression I knew my stuff even though I didn’t always. Continue Reading

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